Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte

So I had the pleasure to work with MC Media London photographer Belange Okandju to recreate a Tom Ford campaign for the Neroli Portofino Forte eau de parfum.

When he approached me I was really excited to do this project as it was the first time I had collaborated with a photographer and it was something very different in comparison to the work that I was currently doing.

My approach to this project was to first do research about the actual perfume, the ingredients that it contained and the feeling the scent tried to convey. The perfume evokes the feeling of summer in the Italian coast of Portofino, giving you a sense of the out doors reminding you of a sun drenched holiday. The perfume also has a bold scent and I wanted to convey all this in the final illustrations.

The use of colours was inspired by the traditional vibrant houses/apartments found on the Italian coast. I just let my pencil flow and got creative. After 100’s of different ideas, sketches and playing around with different compositions I managed to narrow things down leading to deciding on this final peace.



Let me know what you think…



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